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Three Components of Fitness

With enough work, discipline, and consistency you can surpass genetics and achieve the body you desire. This website is dedicated to fitness and nutrition information by the Seattle-based certified personal trainer, Ieva Vashkus.

To achieve your goals you should:

  • Eat less, more often: Nutrition is arguably the most important component when it comes to your physique. A clean diet is absolutely necessary for achieving your fitness goals. Eating smaller portions more often throughout the day will help keep your metabolism burning and stabilize your energy levels. Your meals should always have a source of protein and complex carbohydrates. Generally aim for five meals a day, two to three hours apart. For more information please explore the diet related portions of this site.
  • Lift more: Load baring exercises help create muscle. Muscle not only makes you stronger, but makes your body burn more calories daily. For weight management building muscle is absolutely key. It is recommended that on average you lift four times a week.
  • Do some cardio: Some people love it, some people hate it. Cardio is essential for keeping a healthy heart, but it only plays a minor role in the scheme of weight loss. Do cardio after your lifting session for 20-30 minutes.

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